Last updated: April 2010

Summary: A collection of some high school Speech and Debate speeches I wrote for educational use only. Mostly Expository and Oratory speeches, with some random short speeches I wrote for small competitions.

So I wanted to organize my high school speeches onto a publically accessible location. Besides the fact that people ask me to send copies of my speeches to them for reference, I thought I’d try evening the playing field a bit for other high school exposers who may not have the luxury of a coach knowledgeable in Expository Speaking, or past speeches or Exposers as resources. I know I might be urged to take this down but I’d like to think of it as a reference for Expos in California. Note that this isn’t a full effort to tell you all about my love for Expos on one blog, but it’s just a collection of some documents I worked on for my past four years of high school Speech and Debate. And if I find out that you’re essentially taking my stuff word for word and plagiarizing and winning tournaments with my hard work, I’m flattered, and I have faith in karma. Let me know if you have any questions about any of my material! Of course, if you have constructive criticism, please feel free to comment on that too! This is all past me now (I’m at Cal now) but I’ll read your comments and learn from them.

Expository Speaking Overview



  1. HI JODY YOU’RE AWESOME. But will this give away SM’s secrets for expos 😦 ??

  2. btw did i mention that you’re awesome?
    if not: you’re awesome.

  3. HI SONA! ❤
    I thought about that for a while, but I still felt urged to put this up. Whether this gives up "secrets" or not is arguable but I'd like to think that my speech was subtly influenced by the SM Expos legacy and does not represent SM Expos in it's entirety. That being said, I'd say my speeches are just one of many SM styles and therefore formats of Expos speeches in general. Plus, the just the text itself leaves this site (sadly) incomplete. Lacking the VAs and my presentation of the speech, it's hard to see this as more than an incomplete overview of Expository Speaking and more of a lot of interesting information about some interesting entities. =)
    Btw, you're awesome too for being the FIRST EVER to comment on my wordpress <333

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